Dedicated iPhone Capture and Processing Section.  All materials are supplemental to class discussions or very loosely related.  Don’t think that you get anything near the experience here as what you will get in the workshop.  Enjoy the free info and ideas.

Every Day Picture – Self Imposed Project limitations: take at least one iphone photo per day, process it the same day, and upload it by the end of the night.

Through My Eye, Not Hipstamatic’s

“We are not walking photocopiers. We are storytellers. We observe, we chose moments, we frame little slices of our world with our viewfinders.” – Winters responding to photographic critics questioning his use of an iphone to capture the truthfulness important images.
Full Story Here: New York Times


Iphone Photography Book

life in lo-fi


Karen Messick – iPhone blog


3d video on the iphone today!  Just imagine what you can do with photos!

iPhone Reenactment Using Legos:

Cool Link for a mount to attach your iPhone to a telescope. sample below:


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