Class Materials and Videos for Digital Photography Level 2.  To contact any photographer you see here for freelance work, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them.  As always, thank you for looking.

Student Final Project Examples (FEB 2011):

Andrea Mauerman

Karen Yang

Laura Hapka

Cyduane Brinas


Digital Level 2 Class Syllabus

RAW Conversion – this handout works for understanding the tools in in ADOBE CAMERA RAW which is used in Photoshop and Lightroom to process RAW files.

Color Spaces – explains the difference between color environments and bit-depth.


DNG Profiler – allows you to use the passport color checker to create custom color profiles for your camera.


Lightroom 3 Preferences and Set-Up

Lightroom 3 Importing

Importing Into Bridge (photoshop CS5)

HDR Pro (photoshop CS5)

Photoshop CS5 – Basic Workflow

Another Great Video on Starting with Lightroom 3 (excuse the terribly bad intro):


These clips are from the series “Contacts” which is composed of short yet empowering insights into the thinking process of creating photographs as narrated by masters describing their own work.

This is an excerpt of William Klein’s contribution to the film.

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Clip from CONTACTS II:

In my Digital Level 2 workshop, we compare and contrast the definitions and characteristics of what photography is to these seminal artist as jumping off points for discussion in aims of aiding students figure out how they define this artistic medium to get closer in making it their own form of expression.


Hey Gang, I have finally found a video that communicates clearly the importance of a color managed workflow.  In my classes I try to stress this issue, but people always want to cut corners.  So at your disposal is this video.  I warn you, it is really boring, dry, but worth your time.  After watching the video, if you are itching for more, Rayko Photo Center offers a color management class taught by my esteemed colleague Cody T. Williams.

PS- People always ask me, can you see the difference in prints when you don’t do all of this stuff?  The answer is, do vampires sleep during the day.  Yes, its a matter of life and death in the print world.


NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTERS – aka ND filters mainly used for getting motion blur in situations when you have too much light already for example the middle of the day.


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