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Starting Nov. 27th 2014, Canon has rebates running though the 1st of the year on a lot of their lenses.  The rebates are mail-in, so you will have to pay full price, then fill out forms, and photocopies of receipts and do range (from $100-$200 off) depending on the lens you choose.  One of the better deals is getting 1st generation 24-70mm L series f/4 zoom lens.  It is already discounted due to the 24-70 II which is f/2.8 (better all purpose lens as now you can do low light) being out for a while now.  So the Gen 1’s original cost was $1800, and now is $1000, and the rebate is for $200.  So you can get a really awesome lens for $800 as a brand new item, never used, with the full 1 year warranty.

For the 24-70mm Gen 1 click here and don’t forget to download the rebate form (in the description of the lens).  

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I opened my inbox to find that the good folks at WordPress had made a cool graphic report on stats about my blog for 2013.  Awe, how sweet of them, right?  A brief summary is I got 8,500 unique visits this year, mostly American, British, and Canadian visitors that mostly read articles about Instagram, Featured Photographers Series, and Technical Posts.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it’s linked below.

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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Click here to see the complete report.

Yes folks, not only is it a 14 mp camera, it has wi-fi/bluetooth to upload to social networks (mostly Instagram since the camera is a ripoff design of their logo).  As you would expect from a polaroid camera, your images can also be printed 2×3 inch images using zink technology (zero ink – zink – get it). This is done using embedded crystals in the paper that can be heated by the camera to produce the RGB color space and ultimately all of our wonderful food snaps and selfies.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one . . . I’m practicing on my iPhone until then.

Official Website:

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All images from:

Dom from did this awesome video interview at CES 2014:


Here is Polaroids concept video to get people excited.


I think it fails because its like it is trying to introduce a new Mac Pro, rather than a the cute little camera that they are trying to sell, what do you think?

Here is said video of the Mac Pro:



SNAP! Did I call it or what.  If you are not at work, or there are no people around to annoy, you should play both videos at the same time . . . it will make you laugh or at least smile.

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Yesterday – FotoVisura reached out to me to help spread the word about their 2014 Grant Submissions for all of you talented and ambitious photographers out there.  Here is the info:

FotoVisura – An International Self-Publishing Community and Resource for Art and Documentary Photography – is pleased to announce our 2014 Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Project. Divided into two categories (Grant & Student Grant), this opportunity is designed to highlight and support personal photography projects and encourage the production and development of photography outside of the commercial realm. The Grant is a key element in our mission to develop publishing tools and creative growth for photographers as well as create a public archive for editors, curators, and lovers of photography alike.


Last years winners:

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Good Luck to all of you that submit. – C

A few weekends ago, I had the honor of being invited to teach a photographic workshop at the SPE West at Humboldt State University.  I had a lot of fun teaching digital negative to silver gelatin to a group of enthusiastic fellow teachers and a few art students.  It was a lot to cover in a short amount of time, but I was reminded of why I like teaching, that genuine excitement of learning about photography that can be sparked in both young and old eyes.  It was well worth the 600+ miles of driving done in a 48hr period.  A big thank you to SPE for having me!


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American Photo did an interview in October of 2012 with Sally Mann.  What is she up to through thoughts on the state of modern photography including Instagram.  Interesting if you like her. Above are some of her tintype self portraits.  If you are inspired by her work, I am teaching a tintype in camera workshop this starting this Saturday at Rayko Photo Center, SF.

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Recently, I have been working on a lot of video projects and sound tends to be a huge issue.  ROAR, RUMBLE, and HISS all culprits in that arena! I have been trying a bunch of different microphones, multi captures, and software editing.  This is probably one of many installments to come of working with audio with your DSLR footage.

With this post, lets keep it cheap cause all of you should be spending money on lenses instead of microphones.

The NPPA has some great cheap solutions that professional and upcoming journalists use.  Read and watch their video by clicking the banner below.



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The Photo Video Show also has this awesome video tutorial on just using iphone headphones to capture sound which I tried and works amazingly well!  Click the banner below for that.

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Yes, you do need Final Cut Pro X to edit and Sync your Audio, but if you are making videos, you should be using FCPX or Adobe Premier Pro anywayayayaya – ye!

Have fun! – Carlos




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