Holiday Savings on Canon Lenses!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.33.05 AM

Starting Nov. 27th 2014, Canon has rebates running though the 1st of the year on a lot of their lenses.  The rebates are mail-in, so you will have to pay full price, then fill out forms, and photocopies of receipts and do range (from $100-$200 off) depending on the lens you choose.  One of the better deals is getting 1st generation 24-70mm L series f/4 zoom lens.  It is already discounted due to the 24-70 II which is f/2.8 (better all purpose lens as now you can do low light) being out for a while now.  So the Gen 1’s original cost was $1800, and now is $1000, and the rebate is for $200.  So you can get a really awesome lens for $800 as a brand new item, never used, with the full 1 year warranty.

For the 24-70mm Gen 1 click here and don’t forget to download the rebate form (in the description of the lens).  

Ho ho ho!



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