Platinum Printing Classes Coming Very Soon!

Hey Everyone, I just submitted my class proposals to Rayko Photo Center for the platinum palladium printing classes.  Yes, there is more than one.  One class will be digital negative to platinum print and the other will be medium format/4×5/8×10 traditional black and white negatives to platinum printing.  Whats so different when using actual negatives, well how about selenium toning the negatives for contrast control in the print.  Or pushing and pulling the shots just for the platinum print process.  This is the part were you dear reader say, “Carlos that sounds crazy, fun, but crazy.”  I just quietly nod.  Here is an example from my student and newly addicted platinum printer Hiroshi Suzuki.  This is his first completed print and I must say, I’m a pretty good teacher.  He has gone on to make more, and I’m excited to see what he and all of you come up with.  Expect and lookout for the classes in the Fall 2012 schedule.

Best – C.


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